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Today's Improved Compressed Air Piping Methods

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1" Fastpipe or 1" Maxline?

The 1" Maxline may seem a good flexible choice when the 1" size is needed. However, it works best for underground burial, or installations where the piping can be hidden behind perlins in a steel building, or laying on trusses or above false ceilings, with minimal joints.

The 1" Maxline tubing does unroll harder than the smaller sizes and is more difficult to get straight for surface mounted systems. The compression fittings require more force to tighten. For on wall installations, we recommend the Fastpipe, as it is an already straight pipe, and as an easy install fitting system.

For long continuous runs with minimal fitings, Maxline is a good choice with 100 and 300 ft rolls available. If meticulous, straight, professional appearance is desired, always choose the Fastpipe.

1" Maxline is a great choice for direct burial, in wall or hidden installations. Remember for in wall installations, always combine with ½" for tubing drops. Using ¾" or 1" behind wall outlets is very difficult unless the wall cavity is greater than 10 inches thick.

1" MaxLine

  • -burial
  • -hidden tubing
  • -long tubing runs

1" FastPipe

  • -surface mounted
  • -professional appearance
  • -easy assembly

Technical note: The 3/4 Fastpipe measures .69" on the inside of the pipe. The 3/4 Maxline measures .80" on the inside of the tubing. When comparing system flow capacities, keep in mind that the inner diameter of the 3/4 Fastpipe is smaller and in most cases a main line of 1" Fastpipe is a better choice.