Air Tool Holder

Part #: CP-0150

$29.97 Sales Tax



This tool is designed to hold both “Style T” and “Style I-M” 1/4″ air couplers. A loading and unloading port is provided so the T or IM couplers can be placed on the pins and then rotated into the locking channel. It may be rotated to the next pin or stopped between pins to lock all tools in place.

    • This easily moveable storage device will store and carry up to 6 tools and is compatible with the most common air fittings

    • Simple loading and retrieval of tools when you need them – saving you time and energy

    • Magnetic base holds firm and attaches to any metal surface, and also includes a metal backer plate to attach to any wall.

    • Rust proof and corrosion resistant

  • Rugged design for long lasting use

Size 4 inch x 4 inch x 4 inch 1 lb