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RapidAir Manufactures and Distributes the Best Compressed Air Systems Available.

RapidAir is the leader in affordable compressed air piping systems.

Whether you are looking for commercial, industrial options, or are installing your first compressed air system for a client or your own garage, we make it easy to get exactly what you need, when you need it.

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And the best prices and customer service in the industry!

Easy 3-D Drawing Tool for a Truly DIY Air Piping System Experience

Designing a compressed air piping system used to be cumbersome and detail oriented. But thanks to RapidAir’s new System Designer, the process has never been easier, more accurate, and even enjoyable.

Our free 3-D drawing tool, the RapidAir System Designer, helps you map out your facility or workshop and create your list of materials, automatically. Easy drag-and-drop features provide you complete control of your design.

You’ll get the expertise and guidance you need at every step so you can build your perfect compressed air piping system quickly and effortlessly.

We Provide the Best Compressed Air Systems for Many Applications

Pipeline in a bridge No matter what you do, you will need the power that a reliable air compressor piping system can offer.

Fast and Accurate Quoting Methods and a Better Buying Process

Our drawing and quoting tools allow a highly accurate and efficient estimate process. You not only get a quote back from us faster. You get highly descriptive, easy-to-interpret plans and images that help you understand what’s being quoted and how it all fits together.

We help you envision your new compressed air system so you can have a better understanding of the big picture. What will your new compressed air system do for you? What will it look like? How does it operate? You won’t be left in the dark at any point of the purchasing process.

And we maintain our top rated customer service even after you’ve received your parts. If you have questions while installing your compressed air system, give us a call. We’ll help you out. Air compressor piping is all our tech support team does, so you’ll be sure to reach an expert.

High Quality Compressed Air Piping

RapidAir, MaxLine, and FastPipe piping systems are low maintenance and much easier to install than the alternatives. Plus, they deliver clean compressed air, safely.

The traditional alternatives may seem cheaper up front, but they are actually much more expensive when you consider costs of labor, workers’ comp, and wear and tear on your tools. PVC could explode. Copper is expensive and requires specialized skills to install. Black pipe generates rust, silt and sediment, which gets into the air lines and ruins air tools and machinery. With our products, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

Blue Pipeline RapidAir Compressed Air Systems are Superior to Traditional Methods

  • Safer than PVC: PVC is not rated for compressed air. PVC becomes brittle over time and is not safe. It can explode, sending shrapnel everywhere. Using PVC for compressed air is a safety liability you don’t want to gamble on. RapidAir products deliver safe compressed air. Plus, OSHA has banned the use of PVC piping for compressed air in above ground applications.
  • Cleaner than Black Iron Pipe: Black iron pipe creates rust, silt, and sediment, which can ruin your equipment. Protect your investment with our plastic tubing or aluminum pipes that always deliver clean air.
  • Easier than Copper: Copper pipes require soldering. Our piping only uses compression fittings. No expensive special tools or glue needed.
  • Can be Modified: Black iron pipe or copper pipes are time-consuming to install. And once they’ve been installed, modifying the system is very difficult. With RapidAir piping, you can change your compressed air distribution system ANYTIME, even after installation.
  • Faster Installation: With RapidAir products, you’ll save 30-50% on installation time and labor costs versus traditional products, like copper or black iron. You can run 300 feet of piping by yourself in an afternoon—and it’s easy!

RapidAir Hose Reels Best Piping at the Best Price

Compressed air piping is all we do. We keep costs down on our own product by manufacturing in such high volumes. We pass those savings directly to you. With RapidAir, there is no multi-tier markup of the product to make a profit.

We didn’t start out as a piping manufacturer who made air compressor piping as an afterthought or an add-on. We’re passionate about providing the best. We stand behind our product.

When you choose RapidAir products, you will not only will you save on the raw materials, but you’ll save on the whole installation process. You don’t need expensive tools to install RapidAir, MaxLine, or FastLine. Our piping is lightweight, so you need fewer people to do the heavy lifting. We use compression fittings, which eliminates the need to glue, solder or screw pipes together.

Shipping Rapid Shipping

As soon as we receive your order, our dedicated employees will review your order, package it by hand, and ship it to you.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail. We’ll let you know if you missed ordering a key component for your installation. (There’s nothing more frustrating than receiving your shipment only to realize you didn’t order all the parts you needed!)

We’ve partnered with UPS Ground and Speedy Delivery to be sure you get your parts when you need them, and can track them along the way.

Huge Inventory Huge Inventory

When you need a part, you can count on us having it in stock. And we won’t make you wait around for a call back. One call is all it takes to get a quote so you can carry on with your business.

Expert Customer Service Dependable, Expert Customer Service

Personable, friendly service is our trademark. When you call, you’ll speak with a live person right away. You’ll get the support you need from qualified experts. If you have any questions while installing our products, our expert technical support staff will walk you through the next steps you need to take.

We take our reputation seriously and will always treat you with integrity and kindness.

CONTRACTORS: We’ve got you covered!

Commercial and Industrial Use RapidAir for Commercial and Industrial Use

You can increase your profit margins by becoming a RapidAir distributor. You’ll install a high quality product your client can afford. And you can stand behind the product you’re installing. All RapidAir products carry a 1 year warranty.

If you have any trouble with installation, give us a call. One of our experts will troubleshoot the problem with you. Or, check out our extensive YouTube tutorials.

Want to become a RapidAir distributor? Call today to learn how you can quote your customer with the best compressed air system available.

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