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Ready to become our next customer success story? As leaders in compressed air piping products, RapidAir is proud to serve a wide range of partners in key industries. Bring your vision to life with high-quality compressed air products to deliver the power you need to drive your business forward.

Client Testimonials

I installed the kit from RapidAir. Worked like a charm and the only leaks I had were my own fault (not cutting the line straight and flush or not seating the line into fully into the connectors). I have had it running for almost a year now with no problems. So glad I installed it.

— John

Thanks so much for your help and fast response! I have been thrilled with all the folks I’ve had the pleasure to deal with at RapidAir. Rest assured I will spread the word to all my fellow wood workers/friends who may need of your products!

— Joe

For what it is worth, I replaced a combination of PVC/Iron pipe. I could not believe how filthy, rusty and dirty the insides of the iron pipe were. They had only been up about 2 years and used very little. I am so glad I made the switch to MaxLine. From all I have seen your product is a winner and so are the people I’ve had the pleasure to deal with thus far. I look forward to future orders from RapidAir.

— Mark

Just received parts ordered for my compressed air system. All parts are quality made and I am very happy with them. Thank you so very much for being so helpful and above all you were so very nice. Thanks again Stacy!

— Phillip

We were moving into our new building and the last thing to be installed was our compressed air. We were under a tight deadline and called RapidAir for the FastPipe system. They helped us get a parts list put together and shipped it the same day. The airlines look really nice and we had zero leaks.

— Kathy B.

Great people to deal with! Best air line product I’ve ever used. I installed the 1” Rigid line it installs quick and very clean look. Easy to add new drops. Highly recommend this product! Thanks RapidAir!

— Tim F.

Thanks for all the help in setting up my system. Everything works great with no leaks anywhere. The convenience of having multiple outlets in my workshop is fantastic. I have recommended RapidAir to all my friends. Thanks again!

— John