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Don’t be overwhelmed with all the choices. Compressed air is really pretty simple. With just a few quick questions such as compressor horsepower and size of the area you are plumbing, we can create a parts list and choose the correct diameter for your project.

Plumbing in Basin

If you know exactly what you need and want a ship quote

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Plumbing in Basin

If you are not really sure if the rigid Fastpipe for the rolled Maxline tubing is the best fit for your application, find out first before creating your design:



DRAW your system with the Rapidair Pipe Builder. The app will create a parts list from your drawing

Draw It

HAND DRAW your system and submit it to us by email or fax

  1. Print off the quote worksheet
  2. Hand sketch your compressed air piping layout 
  3. Answer the questions and email or fax it back to us

If you have CAD DRAWINGS already completed for your project, submit the drawings to along with the quote worksheet.

Just answer the questions on the worksheet and there’s no need to re-draw the layout. Quotes are usually returned within 24 hours except when order volumes are high. If you do not hear from us after 48 hours, please call to make sure we have received your design.

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