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Design an efficient and professional home garage workshop with the RapidAir Home Garage Kit.

RapidAir is a complete compressed air distribution system that easily installs beneath walls of new construction, or on wall surfaces of existing workshops. With no special installation tools required, you can easily assemble, disassemble, and re-modify your system at any time.

Choose RapidAir Home Garage Compressed Air System for:

  • Your home garage or workshop

  • Hobbyist woodworking applications

  • Powering your personal tools

  • Easy in wall or on wall installation

  • Single air users

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Television mounted on a wall


  • Blue-Nylon material, single layer
  • 1/2” size (outside diameter)
  • 100 foot rolls available
  • Operating working pressure 150 psi @70°F
  • Temperature range -40°F to 180°F
  • Compatible with common compressor oils
  • For outside installation, cover or paint the tubing and fittings to protect from direct sunlight (UV rays)

1/2 RapidAir

  • Bend Radius: 4-6″
  • Outside Diameter: .50″
  • Inside Diameter: .38″



  • Push to Connect style
  • Nickel plated brass and Nylon
  • Oring seal, Buna N
  • Stainless steel bite ring
  • No expensive install tools required


New Fittings

  • RapidAir fittings are designed to make installation fast and easy.
  • Simply push the tubing firmly into the fitting until seated.
  • If removal is desired, push in evenly on release button and pull tubing out of fitting.

Get Air Anywhere

No more dragging the compressor behind you and untangling the air hose and electrical cords. Reduce shop clutter and have constant compressed air instantly, anywhere. The RapidAir garage air line kit allows you to design and install your own pressurized air system, any way you want it.

RapidAir is our flagship product, and we’re proud of it! Made with the home garage enthusiast in mind, RapidAir was designed to be exceptionally affordable and reliable. It is perfect for the homeowner who needs a garage air line kit for auto-repair, woodworking, basic maintenance, airing tires, fixing lawnmowers, and more. No expensive installation tools are required. You won’t find an easier to install system than RapidAir!

Compressed Air Saves You Time by Delivering More Power

A quality compressed air system is a vital part of any serious crafts person or DIY technician’s arsenal. Whether you use compressed air systems for woodworking, personal auto repair, or metal working, it saves you time and makes your work easier.

Easy to Install

RapidAir is made of a single layer blue nylon material. It comes in 100 foot rolls and is compatible with common compressor oils. The “push to connect” RapidAir fittings are designed to make installation fast and easy. Simply push the tubing firmly into the fitting until seated. Removal is easy, too. Just push in evenly on the release button and pull tubing out of the fitting.

Fittings Designed With You in Mind

RapidAir fittings are designed to make installation fast, easy and customizable.

Our systems include several types of mounts to suit your needs.

  • Surface Mount: air line is mounted to the wall
  • Hidden Mount: air line is inside the wall
  • Exterior Mount: air outlet is mounted outdoors
  • Ceiling Mount: air outlet is mounted on the ceiling

Let RapidAir Help You Design Your System

In everything from woodworking and crafts to automotive repairs and industrial assembly, people are making the switch to air compressor systems. However, when it’s time to purchase or design a new compressed air system, many people don’t know where to start. That’s where we come in.

RapidAir Products provide high quality compressed air systems for a variety of applications. We understand that every person and business will have unique needs, and we don’t believe in one size fits all solutions. When you need compressed air systems to power your personal tools, you can trust Rapid Air to offer the most options and the highest quality. We carry a wide range of products to help you find the right setup for your workshop.

Our expert team will help you find the best system for your needs.

RapidAir Home Garage Compressed Air System

Happy Customers

Thanks so much for your help and fast response! I have been thrilled with all the folks I’ve had the pleasure to deal with at RapidAir. Rest assured I will spread the word to all my fellow wood workers/friends who may need of your products!

– Joe

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