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Draw Compressed Air Piping System

Easily Design Your Custom Compressed Air Piping System

We know it can seem overwhelming to sort through all the options as you configure the right air line system for your needs. But compressed air is actually pretty simple—and we have simplified the designing and purchasing process even more. You can design your own system online to your exact specifications. Want to do it the old fashioned way instead? Just hand-draw and then email or fax your sketch to us. You can also email your CAD drawings to us.

Before you start designing or drawing, though, be sure you know whether the rigid FastPipe or rolled MaxLine tubing is the best fit for your application.
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System Designer

Design Your Own Compressed Air Piping System

RapidAir’s System Designer is a free 3D drawing tool that will help you easily create a compressed air piping system for your facility or workshop. Our drag-and-drop features give you complete control over your design.

When you’ve completed the design, save your project by creating an account. The system designer will automatically create a parts list for you. You can use that list to order it online, or give us a call to review it.

Hand Sketch Your Compressed Airline System

Sometimes, you just want to do things by hand. You can hand draw your system and submit it to us by email or fax.
Be sure to include a completed quote worksheet. Here’s an example of the info we need.

  • Print this quote worksheet
  • Hand sketch your compressed air piping layout
  • Answer the questions on the quote worksheet
  • Send us your sketch and the quote worksheet
    • Email: Take a picture of your sketch and email it, along with your quote worksheet answers to:
    • Fax: Fax your sketch and your quote worksheet answers to: (715) 869-6047

Email CAD Drawings of your Air Compressor Piping System

  • Complete the questions on the quote worksheet
  • Email the answers on the worksheet and your completed CAD drawings for your project to

24-Hour Turnaround

Quotes are usually returned in 24 hours or less. If you don’t hear from us after 24 hours, please call to make sure we have received your design.


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