Oil Water Separators


If your job involves using an air compressor, then you probably are already aware that an air compressor produces condensate. Still, many people do not realize there is oil in the water that needs to be separated and properly disposed of. An air compressor water separator is a hassle-free way to filter the oil from your air compressor’s condensate.
You might be thinking, why do I need to separate the oil from my air compressor? The section below outlines reasons why it is beneficial to separate oil from air compressors.

Filters More Than Just Oil

A Clean Resources Oil-Water Separator doesn’t just filter oil from your compressor condensate, but also other chemicals and contaminants as well. Our media bonds to various chemicals and trace metals that pass through an air compressor, preventing contamination of city storm and sanitary drains. This is extremely important because water that flows into a storm drain does not go to a sewage treatment facility like the water from your home would, but flows directly into creeks, rivers, and other bodies of
Oil Water Separators

Keeps You EPA Compliant

Not only is dumping oil and contaminants down the drain morally wrong, but it’s also illegal. The Clean Water Act puts regulation on discharges of pollutants, and if you do not properly comply, you could be faced with some severe penalties. For example, in the LA market, you could be charged $2,500 PER DAY until you have an oil-water separator installed, and the maximum penalty for a violation from the EPA has increased to $51,570 PER DAY.
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