Digital Timer User Guide



1. ON — OFF Loop Mode: Timer begins ON/OFF cycle in ON state.
2. OFF — ON Loop Mode: Timer begins ON/OFF cycle in OFF state.
3. ON Mode: Non-cycling (manual mode). Timer is ON for specified time before switching to STOP setting (display “- – .- – .- -’’).

Digital Timer User Guide

TMR-995959 Digital Timer Drain Controller Programming

Factory Default Settings:

Changing Digital Timer Settings:
When settings are being changed the device will pause function until new conditions are set or setting mode is exited.

1. Selecting MODE “ON — OFF” will have ON (OPEN) timer first.
2. Selecting “OFF — ON” will have OFF (CLOSED) timer first. A recommended setting selection is the
“OFF — ON” MODE — so the time for the CLOSED PERIOD is set first — 30 minutes, 1 hours, 12 hours
or 24 hours for example.

Reset Function:
Press the RESET button. The system will stop the current parameters and start the cycle work from the
beginning according to the parameters which have been set.