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Rapid Air Products is located in Auburndale, WI

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Engineered Specialties, LLC is based in Central Wisconsin. We manufacture and distribute the best compressed air systems available. We have lots of inventory in stock, are almost NEVER beat on price, and usually ship same day.

Our goal for every customer contact is BLESS, IMPRESS and cause you LESS stress
As Bible believing Christians, we believe that all hope and salvation is found thru Jesus Christ. Have you lost hope? Concerned about your eternal salvation?

We want to exceed your expectations with our products and service. If we fail you because we are human, we find it imperative to do our best to make it right.
Our company uses what God has given us to further his Kingdom here on Earth. We support many organizations that spread the Gospel and help the needs of others.

89Q Christian Radio
I AM World Missions
Campus Crusade for Christ
Shirley’s House of Hope-domestic violence shelter
The Seed Company-translating the Bible
Voice of the Martyrs
FCA-Fellowship of Christian Athletes
The Hannah Center (shelter for women)
Compassion International
Child Evangelism Fellowship
Void filling Empowerment---building churches in Africa
Touch Ministries----school and church building in Haiti
Answers in Genesis---defending historical truth of the BIble
The Creek---church meeting for recovering drug/alcohol addicts
"Thanks for all the help in setting up my system. Everything works great with no leaks anywhere. The convenience of having multiple outlets in my workshop is fantastic. I have recommended Rapidair to all my friends. Thanks again!" - John

"I apologize for the delay in responding, but wow, what a pleasant surprise to get an email from a real person about my order! I'm so used to automated emails with "do not reply" in them I had to read this one twice! It makes me that much more confident in my purchase from Engineered Specialties, which I am eagerly awaiting delivery on. I look forward to doing business with your company in the near future. Thanks for the personal touch!" - Matt

"Just received parts ordered for my compressed air system. All parts are quality made and I am very happy with them. Thank you so very much for being so helpful and above all you were so very nice. Thanks again Stacy!" - Phillip

"Thanks so much for your help and fast response! I have been thrilled with all the folks I've had the pleasure to deal with at Engineered Specialties. Rest assured I will spread the word to all my fellow wood workers/friends who may need of your products!" - Joe

"Thank you for your concern. I can't say that any other company actually took the time to do what you have and reviewed my online order. I am so used to automated messages." - Wesley

"For what it is worth, I replaced a combination of PVC/Iron pipe. I could not believe how filthy, rusty and dirty the insides of the iron pipe were. They had only been up about 2 years and used very little. I am so glad I made the switch to Maxline. From all I have seen your product is a winner and so are the people I've had the pleasure to deal with thus far. I look forward to future orders from Engineered Specialties.
PS..I love your Bible verse!" - Mark

Industries Served

Auto Repair / Farm
Heavy Truck Repair
Auto Body