No matter what mechanical industry you're involved in, chances are you rely on some sort of air compressor piping. Wholly 70% of all manufacturers have a compressed air distribution system and if something were to go wrong with the air compression process, the entire business could fail as a result. That's why it's so important to avoid making these common air compression mistakes.

Running Your System Too Much or Too High

Overusing any machine cannot only lead to expensive repairs but can also be dangerous for everyone working in the area. Because these compressors need relatively high pressure to produce a certain amount of air, the energy required for that compression could be exceedingly high in some instances. If your machines, building, or employees can't handle that much energy, however, there could be serious problems as a result of operating your system at too high a pressure.

In order to figure out the exact operating pressure you'll need for a particular compressor, you should first determine the minimum required pressure that your system can operate on and then figure out the maximum amount of pressure it can run on without overpowering or shutting down. If the only way to run a high-pressure compressor requires only a small amount of air, you might need another compressor in order to operate efficiently.

Buying the Wrong Air Compressor

Before you even have to worry about the day-to-day performance, however, you need to purchase the right kind of compressor. A common misconception within the compression industry is that the only way to have a successful compressor is to purchase the largest tank possible. The bigger the tank the better the performance is the idea, but it's incorrect. Although the size of your tank does have to be proportionate to the maximum capacity of the motor, you don't have to only rely on size and get the largest tank available. In addition to tank size, just because a tank is more powerful than other doesn't mean it's better, either. Even though buyers place such strong emphasis on horsepower, having a less powerful compressor can actually accomplish just about any compression job, in the same amount of time, and save you and your company a significant amount on energy expense.

If you're in need of a quality air compressor or want to learn anything else about the importance of air compression, contact Rapid Air today.

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