You may not realize it, but we use air compressors on a daily basis. The function of an air compressor is, as the name suggests, to use compressed air for numerous tasks. But, what are those tasks actually? Let’s take a look at what daily activities compressed air distribution is used for.
If you like paintball, but you’ve always wanted to know how the guns worked, you have an air compressor to thank for that. The force of the paintballs shooting from the paintball gun is due to pressure from inside the mechanism. Depending on the size of the gun, your air compressor and compressed air piping will be different sizes.
Scuba Diving
It might seem weird to think that divers utilize air compressors while underwater, but compressed air piping is actually necessary for deep sea dives. That cylinder container that divers keep on their backs while going down into the water? Yes, that is oxygen, but in order to get the oxygen out of the can, air compressors are needed. The compressed air piping or air compressor tubes will push the air from inside of the back cylinder into the diver’s mouth. It is crucial to have this, especially when the diver is far beneath the surface of the sea.
Have you ever seen airbrushed tattoos or airbrushed makeup? Air compressors are used to push the contents out of the tube onto a person’s skin. The paint is propelled out of the machine, and without the compressor, it would not be doable.

Air compressors are used for many different things around the house and in a person’s daily life, even though you might not realize it. Even manufacturers (70%, to be precise) rely on these tools every day. Without air compressors, diving, airbrushing, and playing paintball would not be possible.