Air compressors have a wide variety applications, so much so that about 70% of all manufacturers possess a system that uses compressed air. You can use a nail gun, blow up a tire, and even paint using compressed air.

Having an air compressor can be a life saver, but also allow you to have some fun. However, it’s not so fun when your air compressor breaks and you have to buy a new one. Here are four warning signs that your air compressor may be on the fritz.
Warm Air Coming Out of the Blower
If your air compressor is blowing out warm air, this is a problem. It typically means that your compressor is having trouble pumping refrigerant through the system. It could also mean that there is a refrigerant leak somewhere. This causes strain on the compressor and can ultimately lead to failure.

The Machine Is Making Weird Noises
Sometimes the hose clamps make noises if they are not tight enough, but we’re not talking about that kind of noise. Clattering, clicking, ticking, rumbling, or rattling have all been described as bad noises for your compressed air units to make. This could mean that there are electrical problems or problems with the motor, as well as many other possible issues.

It Vibrates or Shakes When You Start It
If your compressor is vibrating, you will know it. As mentioned earlier, if the hose clamps on your compressor are lose, you will definitely hear them rattling. This means that the system is probably “hard starting.” All that means is the unit is having trouble turning on. This often happens right before system failure.

The Air Flow Seems Diminished
If the compressed air distribution seems off and there isn’t as much air coming out as there should be, something is definitely wrong. The compressor is most likely struggling to generate air the way it is supposed to.

There you have it, four clear cut warning signs that your compressor is close to failure. If you notice any of these signs, it’s certainly time to call a professional to talk about repair and replacement.

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