Air compressors and air compressor pipes are extremely helpful in a home environment. But like anything else you plan to use on a regular basis, air compressors can have their problems. While it’s never fun to deal with a tool that has a problem, most air compressor problems are easy to fix. Here are some problems you may find with your compressed air unit and what you can do to fix them.

If Your Air Compressor Won’t Operate

Any operational problem your air compressor might experience is usually caused by an oversight or a simple problem. These issues are actually the easiest to fix. If your air compressor has no power, for example, check the power button and activate the reset button if you need to. You should also take a look at the breakers. If you find that your compressor is lacking oil, check and change the fluids if necessary. You may also be dealing with pressure loss. Pressure loss in a properly designed system will be less than 10% of the compressor’s discharge pressure. That is found on a gauge on the outlet of the compressor.

If Your Air Compressor Is Making Strange Noises

It’s common for air compressors to make noise while operating, but if the noise is obnoxious and unlike something you’ve heard before, there could be a problem. Loose parts could be your first issue. Check your unit for loose pulleys, clamps, belts, and other accessories. You can easily tighten those parts if they need it. Your crankcase may also be having issues. The crankcase may need oil or replacing. If that’s the case, simply oil it up or buy a replacement part.

If Your Oil Isn’t Lasting

In order to run, an air compressor and air compressor pipes both need oil. If your system’s not holding onto the oil long enough, there could be a problem. Check for oil leaks before doing anything else. If the oil is in fact leaking, tighten the bolts or replace the oil gasket. The unit’s piston rings may be too old, which could cause the leaks. If they are, replace them before the situation gets worse.

Air compressors are extremely useful, but it’s common for them to see some issues. Have you experienced one of these common air compressor issues before?

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