Compressed air is commonly used in machine shops, auto body shops, construction sites, and even in homes. The air compressors are typically meant to handle projects like auto repairs, spray painting, and carpentry crafts. 

While we are familiar with these common facts about compressed air piping, there are probably a few things that you may have never thought about before. Let’s see what fun and interesting facts are out there about compressed air distribution. 

First, when there are rain and lightning storms, you’ll often hear a loud bang at the end of a lightning strike. We understand that loud bang to be the sound of thunder. However, that thunder sound is actually compressed air. When the lightning makes it’s way to earth, a second bolt goes back up to the sky, immediately heating up the air. That heat then tries to expand but doesn’t have the time to do so. It becomes pressurized and then, you guessed it, let’s out a loud bang noise. That banging noise is what we’ve come to know as thunder.

Another fun fact about compressed air is that air compressor systems actually create a large amount of heat. That’s why the systems can only be cooled down with the use of oil, cooler air, or water. However, this heat that comes from the compressors is actually very useful. Many people will turn that heat into heating for a building or a home. It’s a great way to help save money, all while utilizing something so different. Just make sure that the system is working properly. A heat recovery unit that has been properly designed can recover 50% to 90% of this heat for heating air or water.

A really interesting fact is that falling water from a waterfall, for example, can actually generate enough compressed air to power up a furnace or create some electricity. The waterfall itself draws in air and compresses it. The air that comes from the waterfall can be removed and stored away to be used as a source of energy and power. 

Air compressors are very useful in our daily lives. While we think we know so much about them already, there are so many other facts out there that we would never have thought about! Compressed air can do some truly amazing things.

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