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All different kinds of industries utilize compressed air systems, which come with many parts that can all experience performance issues. When these systems start to fail, it is essential that you’re able to see the signs and get it repaired quickly. If you don’t catch the signs or delay getting the necessary repairs, you run the risk of having to replace the entire system.

Blowing warm air

If your compressor piping seems to be pushing out warm air, your system may be about to fail. When unusually warm air is coming out of your system, it is likely that the compressor is having trouble pumping refrigerant through the system and losing its cooling power.

A lack of refrigerant could also come from leaks in the system. These leaks in compressed air systems can be costly, as a hole only an eighth of an inch in diameter in a 100 psi system can cost you over $1,200 per year in wasted energy. With such expenses, it is well worth it to repair leaks as quickly as possible.

Vibrating excessively

While air compressor systems will always vibrate when you turn them on, excessive vibration is often an indication of system issues. If it vibrates in a concerning way every time you use it, the compressor is probably having trouble turning on. Otherwise known as hard starting, this issue will usually lead to a system failure. Be sure to call a repair professional as soon as possible so that the system’s other parts, such as the compressor piping and tubes, are not permanently damaged as well.

Making a lot of noise

Similar to excessive vibration, unusual noises from your compressed air system can also mean bad news. A failing compressor unit may be making strange noises for a variety of reasons. The noises may be a result of failing electrical components or a system part like the fan motor may be dislodged and rattling around in the unit. This plethora of causes can make it difficult for you to diagnose on your own, so calling in an expert is almost always the best solution.

No matter the issue you’re facing with your compressed air system, you need experienced professionals to help you. Contact Rapid Air today to learn more about how you can spot a failing air compressor.

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