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How much time could you save in the long run if you upgraded your shop’s compressed air setup? Check out how these customers streamlined their operations with solutions from RapidAir.

  1. Markis at The Reformation Workshop was tired of hoses lying around his shop. He installed RapidAir’s MaxLine ½’’ compressed air tubing to make working with pneumatic guns much easier.
  2. The team at Shop Tool Reviews gave an in-depth look at our MaxLine Master Kit system, encouraging viewers to stop overthinking and trying to cobble together hardware store parts for compressed air lines.
  3. Wondering how MaxLine compares to the rest? The Fab Forums asked the question, “Why is this tubing different or better than anything else out there?” in their review.
  4. If you’re dreaming of professional paint finishes, Paint Society breaks down using FastPipe for a paint booth:
  5. Scruf’s Garage upgraded to MaxLine piping and filters – see their full shop walkthrough.
  6. Check out car restoration and metalwork expert Steffen Robitzsch’s review of the MaxLine kit to see how it earned his highest rating – five out of five mullets.
  7. Pro Tech Machinery breaks down their compressed air piping system installation with this step-by-step installation guide:
  8. Zac Higgins of Resin Werks Studio walks through the 4,000 square foot MaxLine compressed air tubing setup in his shop.

We appreciate all these talented content creators. Be sure to check out their channels!

If you have questions about choosing the right compressed air system for your workspace, check out our Drawing Tool or contact one of our compressed air piping solutions experts.

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