Air compressor units convert power from mechanical sources into potential energy and then store that energy in air compressor pipes. It pushes more and more air into the compressor tubes and increases pressure until it’s at the maximum level.

This energy can be used for a lot of things, but somewhere around 90% of it is converted from electrical energy into heat.

If you’re looking to join the 70% of manufacturers that have a compressed air system or to upgrade your current system, you have a selection of materials to choose from. Iron, steel, copper, and much more. However, a recent trend that you should look into joining is getting a system comprised of aluminum.

And here’s why:

Easy Maintenance

The pipes in an aluminum system are not as heavy, and thus require less labor in installation. Aluminum is also a less expensive metal, making it less costly on the wallet when making changes to the system as needed. Or when replacing broken and malfunctioning parts.

Decreased Costs

As stated above, aluminum air compressor tubes are less expensive than many other systems, especially a steel-based system. Steel is extremely costly and heavy. It can be very difficult to install it, and you might need special tools and methods to do so, that means you need to get specialized workers, who cost more. Also, the special tools needed to install it create a lot of debris, which means clean up.

Aluminum air compressor piping avoids all that hassle and removes the added expenses that start to form from the equation. Which is a godsend when you’re dealing with so many parts and components in the first place.

Less Repair Work Needed

Aluminum air compressor piping also needs less overall repair, having a smaller chance of corroding when compared to their steel counterparts. Steel can rust, and that means having to replace the rusty parts or risk them cracking open or breaking due to structure breaks down.

Steel compressors also leak more often, as they aren’t as watertight as aluminum, and that means it can cause the unit to work harder and expend more energy. More energy used means a higher energy bill, which is more money out of your pocket.

So if you’re looking at compressor piping for your business, whether to upgrade or install, you should consider getting aluminum. You wouldn’t regret it.

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