air compressor tubingWhether you’re a home handyman or an auto shop owner, there are a few essential tools every garage needs to succeed. Though you wish you could buy every tool under the sun, these top-tier options will work to make your job all the easier.

If you’re a Mr. Fix It, consider investing in these tools designed to streamline your garage.

A creeper

Investing in a convertible creeper will assure your back pain won’t get the best of you. This handy tool will replace your stool, roller seat, and creeper mats. Not only will this save your garage necessary storage space, but this handy tool will also make it easy to transition from a seated position to a flat position in moments. Just be sure to invest in a creeper with hard wheels that can resist dirt and grime in your garage.

Storage solutions

You might think your toolbox is enough to store your valuable goods and tools, but you couldn’t be more wrong. As you expand the capabilities of your shop and invest in quality products, you need to supply sufficient storage to hold your tools. Otherwise, you’ll grope and search for tools on a daily basis.

Invest in wall hooks, storage shelves, and a wheeled toolbox to streamline your shop’s process. When everything has a place, nothing will ever get lost.

A quality air compressor

Whether you’re working with cars, wood products, or anything under the sun, air compressor tubing will offer the best in compressed air distribution. It doesn’t matter if you’re using it to inflate tires, clean off surfaces, or perform quality airbrushing designs in your auto shop: once you purchase an air compressor, you’ll wonder how you ever ran your garage without one.

Air compressors deliver their power through a pressure system. But don’t worry; your compressed air system design will assure that you never deliver more pressure than is necessary. Such artificial demand is created when a system is supplied with excess pressure. Instead of delivering 90 psi to an application which requires 50 psi, your compressed air distribution system will ascertain that artificial demand is limited thanks to pressure regulators. This will help ensure the safety of your workplace and the quality of your performance. Try pairing your air compressor tubing with a variety of pneumatic devices to diversify your garage’s capabilities.

These three tools are essential when you want to streamline your garage and improve your shop’s efficiency. Are you looking for the best in compressed air fittings, designs, and layouts? Rely on Rapid Air Products for air compressor tubings, piping, and more.