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Air compressors and various compressed air systems are an essential part of many industries, from wood working to auto body repair and more. In fact, approximately 70% of all manufacturers have a compressed air system. This means it’s likely a component of your workplace that will need repair and maintenance on a semi-regular basis at minimum. If you need to repair or perform maintenance on your compressor, here are some common mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

  • Not checking for leaks: While a leak might seem small and insignificant in your overall compressed air system, be careful. Leaks can cause shockingly massive pressure problems if left unchecked, making your manufacturing process drastically less efficient. Be sure to find any leaks you can and seal them properly.
  • Not maintaining pipes: Cleaning compressed air piping material properly is essential to keeping your compressed air systems as functional and efficient as possible. If it’s been some time since you’ve cleaned your compressed air piping, it’s well worth the effort to do.
  • Not monitoring air demand: In a larger compressed air system spread out over a larger workspace, compressor systems can experience difficulties in maintaining even pressure throughout. Make sure you test all parts of your compressed air system to ensure that the pressure and air demand in all areas are appropriate.
  • Not paying attention to overall pressure loss: While pressure loss might happen gradually and be hard to notice, it’s essential to maintain. Pressure loss in a compressor system can indicate larger problems and cause difficulty for you and your operations if left unchecked.
  • Not replacing parts when necessary: It can be tempting to rely on faulty parts in a busy operation where replacing parts means interrupting workflow but try to avoid this. If a part needs replacing, do so as soon as possible; using faulty parts can be dangerous and limit your overall productivity.

Looking for new compressed air system parts, or a new air compressor altogether? Rapid Air Products has a wide variety of components for your company’s air compressor system, including fittings, piping materials, and more. Contact Rapid Air Products for more information today.

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