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As the owner of an auto body repair shop, you probably have everything you need to streamline your garage — or so you thought. If you’re looking for new pieces of equipment and advice in 2019, here are some of the best ways you can improve your garage and offer a better customer experience.

Sand away scratches

Nothing ruins a beautiful new paint job like old scratches. Before you paint over the car’s old body, be sure to sand down and smooth out any scratches and repair any holes. Otherwise, you might make an older problem something much bigger.

Don’t just wash, decontaminate

Traditional washing and drying won’t get rid of those deep-set pieces of debris and bacteria that have invaded a car’s paint. After all, you never know what your customer does with their car, even if they say they’re simply using it for their commute to work. When you want to perform a paint job that will last, you need to decontaminate the car along with the proper washing and drying.

Most auto mechanics and body repair shops will decontaminate their vehicles using decontaminating clay, a deep paint cleanser, or a combination of the two

Invest in a compressed air system for auto repair

You likely have a vacuum cleaner and blower to clean up any dust or debris that accumulates in your shop. But did you know you can use a custom compressed air piping system to deliver paint directly to your car’s surface?

This is a great tool for any garage, whether you’re working on touch-ups or paint jobs for the entire car. Through a custom compressed air system design, you’ll have air at the ready whenever you need it. Contact Rapid Air Products to install a proper air receiver tank to buffer any changes that occur in your system. They will know that the size of the tank needs to match the power delivered by the compressor. For example, a 50 hp air compressor will need a 50-gallon receiver tank.

This is essential for mechanics who need fast air at the drop of a hat. For more information about compressed air piping materials, systems, and more, contact Rapid Air Products today.