cushion clampsWhen setting up your compressed air system, it can be tempting to cut costs wherever possible. This can mean buying cheaper materials, using a smaller system than you really need, or even skipping out on certain parts, such as strut cushion clamps. Cushion clamps, while often seen as non-essential, can be important to keep your compressed air systems running properly and avoiding problems and repairs in the future. But what are cushion clamps, and what do they do?

Cushion Clamp Basics

Cushion clamps are a simple fitting that is placed around the pipes of your compressed air system that help hold the compressed air piping in place. They are primarily used to absorb vibration, reduce unwanted noise, and prevent galvanic corrosion between metals. These tend to be common issues experienced with compressed air systems used in manufacturing, wood working, auto repair, and more.

How Do Cushion Clamps Help?

Cushion clamps are composed of a metal exterior, designed to be strong enough to properly hold the compressed air piping material in place when in use. This ensures that they are durable enough to withstand the conditions of your air compressor system with as little repair needed as possible.

The inner areas of cushion clamps have to withstand difficult conditions in order to function properly; as much as 80 to 90% of the electrical energy used by an air compressor is converted to heat. Therefore, in order to withstand these conditions, the part of the cushion clamp making contact with the piping is constructed of highly durable thermoplastic, which is able to absorb the shock and vibration of pipes while also withstanding the heat.

Do You Need Cushion Clamps?

If you’ve noticed your compressed air system is particularly noisy or is suffering from galvanic corrosion between metals, you might want to add strut cushion clamps to your air compressor piping. This can be a simple way to reduce maintenance on your overall system and improve your piping.

Rapid Air Products offers a wide variety of accessories and helpful components for your air compressor systems. Whether you’re in need of cushion clamps, compressed air piping, or other heavy duty equipment, Rapid Air Products can help you improve your systems.