What is wrong with Black pipe when it comes to compressed air delivery?

It’s cheaper, it’s more readily available, it’s fairly inexpensive, and it’s durable, so why should I not use black pipe for my compressed air installation?
Black pipe or galvanized steel pipe makes a great affordable air system– but only for a very short amount of time.  Let’s say that you’re willing to go through all the trouble of threading and maneuvering heavy black pipes, the installation will take you much longer, but —-perhaps your thinking that the headache and trouble of going through all the extra labor is going to be worth the savings in the end? It may actually end up costing you more of your hard-earned money to run a black steel pipe system for your compressed air lines
Over time, your system will inevitably produce scale and rust, which will create debris that gets into your air tools—-even with filtration, this is very hard on your expensive air tools and equipment
with rust and scale produced, the rough surface inside the piping will actually cause friction, causing your compressor to work harder and generating more moisture—-  your air compressor already is one of the highest costing machines on your energy bill, why would you want to make it cost you more?

Threaded junctures in steel piping, in comparison to aluminum compression joints, are much more likely to leak air; anytime your air system leaks, it makes her compressor work harder, and you are wasting money on energy bills if you ever want to change your air system or modified in any way, it will be much more difficult with the steel system; our compression system allows you to reconfigure an indefinite amount of times

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