Air Compressor Tubes

Whether using an impact wrench to loosen a tight lug nut or a spark plug cleaner to remove abrasive buildup, flexible air compressor tubes are critical to ensuring a safe, easy to access auto body repair shop. They can give you more adaptability in your shop setup and you can feel confident in knowing your air compressor has the best option for it. Read on for more information on flexible air compressor tubes.

Compressed Air Piping Materials

Flexible air compressor tubes are exactly what the name states – flexible tubes that run from an air compressor to an air tool. They can be made of many different materials, including nylon, polyethylene, and urethane, and each material varies in cost, flexibility, and appropriate application. For example, urethane has a softer wall, meaning lower pressure applications are more appropriate than both nylon and polyethylene, but it also has the most flexibility than either of those options.

Because it can typically only be used in lower pressure applications, it’s important to minimize artificial demand, which is created when the air tool or materials is supplied higher pressure than required. If your materials or air tool require 50 psi, use that to minimize artificial demand. These are all considerations to take into account when deciding on flexible air compressor tubes.

Compressed Air Systems For Auto Body

There are many applications for compressed air systems beyond just the auto body industry, but some common air tools used to repair vehicles include:

  • Air Hammer
  • Impact Wrench
  • Paint Gun
  • Floor Jack
  • Various Cleaning Tools

There are dozens of others, but these are regularly used in the industry. Depending on the make or model of your auto repair equipment, there may be variances in connections, pressure, and appropriate air compressor tubes. It’s important to research all of this while looking to invest in your equipment. You want to ensure you have the appropriate compressor piping, so it won’t kink while you’re in the middle of a repair.

Compressed air systems for an auto body repair shop will vary, so do some research to see what type of flexible air compressor tubes you need. Contact us for more information on the best air compressor tubes in the industry.

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