compressed air system design

Every shop has an air compressor — it’s one of the most frequently used and most important tools for the industry. The compressed air system design is just as important to consider as the system itself. It can have a huge impact on the energy used, the pressure levels, and the money spent over the year. Here are a few ways a faulty compressed air system design could be wreaking havoc on your auto shop.

Faulty systems can lead to leaks

A leak in a compressed air system can lead to more than $1,200 per year in wasted energy. It’s worth it to get the proper maintenance done to fix leaks or revamp your compressed air system design to avoid leaks in the future. Make sure to check with a specialist about your system to ensure that you’re having the proper maintenance done in accordance with the materials and type of air compressor being used.

Faulty systems due to cheap materials

If you’ve noticed that you’re not getting the right pressure levels from your air compressor, it could be due to the materials used in your compressed air system design. Some materials can only stand certain levels of pressure, and if they are exceeded will render the system useless. Your pipes for air compressor should be the last thing you’re worrying about, so make sure that the materials you have picked for your design will hold up to the levels you need.

Faulty systems based on an improper layout

The main layouts in a compressed air system design are loop and straight. The loop layout is best for square-shaped facilities based on its delivery of air via wide air compressor pipes. The straight layout is best for long, narrow facilities as it often has branches to help maintain the right temperature. The distance from the beginning to the end of your system will also have an effect on the overall quality. Too long a design may lead to pressure being lost before it ever reaches the end. Checking that your system is the correct layout for your facility will have a big impact on the pressure levels you get from your air compressor.

Now may be the time to consider a new compressed air system design for your auto shop. RapidAir has a simplified design process for all your compressed air system design needs. You can submit an image of the design you need or work with a specialist to create a customized design that is perfect for your area. Contact RapidAir today to get started.

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