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We prioritize maintaining high inventory levels, so when you place an order, we prepare it immediately, get it out the door fast and get it to you in one shipment. FastPipe is today’s improved compressed air piping method that can be installed by one person, without any expensive tools, and connect to any existing piping system. Its long, straight pipes can be mounted on ceilings and inside or outside walls.

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Why Industry Leading
Compressed Airlines Contractor
Chooses FastPipe

About Tschetter Contracting Solutions (TCS)

There are multiple unknowns and hold-ups in the building process that contribute to the additional operating costs of an open worksite; compressed air piping shouldn’t be one of them. Get it done right, get it done fast with FastPipe by RapidAir.

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Installing airlines since 2018, TCS has installed FastPipe modular aluminum compressed air piping systems in more than 90 agricultural, industrial and commercial shops across the upper Midwest, including:

Cold Storage







“I choose FastPipe by RapidAir because installation is fast and easy; I can say with confidence and experience that FastPipe is the best product out there for compressed air.”

- Devin Tschetter,

Owner of Tschetter Contracting Solutions

Case Study

Over 90 FastPipe System Shop Installs

Across 5 states & multiple industries

Case Study

Fast & Easy

Supplies compressed
air throughout
entire building

Case Study

Quality, Lightweight Modular Aluminum Pipe

No corrosion, superior
air quality and increased
energy efficiency

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