Maxline InstallationNovice and professional wood workers alike know the value of a good tool. If you’re looking to start your own workshop or make necessary improvements to your current setup, consider investing in these three great tools and features to make your workshop a well-oiled machine.

A jigsaw

While table saws work to cut large slabs of wood, getting the fine details and circular patterns in your final design will only be achieved through the help of a jigsaw. This handy tool relies on a slim, toothed blade to cut curves and circles in your wood stock. It can be used on a variety of wooden materials, making it a dextrous product for a variety of applications. They even come in corded hand-held options or table mounts to suit your individual preference.

An orbital sander

Beginners and experts alike recognize the importance of a good orbital sander. This tool is designed to smooth the surface of your wood through hook-and-loop sanding disks, reducing the appearance of sanding marks on the final product. Whether you want to erase paint, eliminate resins, or just create a smooth surface, using a quality orbital sander is essential.

A compressed air system

Compressed air systems for wood working are invaluable when it comes to achieving accurate measurements and creating a dependable product. A variety of materials makes up a compressed air piping system. The objective of this system is to deliver high-pressure air when you need it most. In fact, about 50,000 British thermal units (Btus) per hour is available from a 100 CFM compressor working at a full load.

Compressed air systems for wood working are used from the start of the process to the finishing features. Not only do compressed air systems work with pneumatics to cut down trees, but compressed air systems for wood working are staples in the home garage or wood shop. These blowers and vacuums can work as dryers, cleaning agents to blow away wood debris, nailers, and more. Because air compressed air piping designs deliver continuous levels of compressed air, it’s pivotal that you rely on a product that won’t overheat.

For more information on compressed air systems for wood working, contact the experts at Rapid Air Products for all of your wood working and air compressor needs.

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