A person's air compressor system can be extremely telling when it comes to how serious they are about car repair. While a hobbyist may have a simple system stowed away in their garage, a more serious car junky may more than likely have a well-oiled compressed air distribution system on hand for faster and more effective work.

If you're an auto repair enthusiast that's considering investing in a system, the could make auto repairs dramatically easier and faster, here's a list of upgrades you may want to make to spoil yourself.

  1. Inflator and Air Gauge:
    Flat tires are some of the world's most common car burdens. With an inflator and gauge, you'll be able to refill tires without losing any air pressure or overfilling by accident.
  2. Drill:
    Drill attachments are special because they are able to run without overheating or running out of power. While a rechargeable, portable power drill may seem more convenient for indoor use, if you're working on a vehicle or something else in your garage, you don't want to lose charge.
  3. Orbital Sander:
    Air sanders won't tire your hands out nearly as quickly as manual sanding does. Additionally, the work will turn out much smoother. Ratchet:

    While a manual ratchet works just fine, these attachments can help cut down on time during larger projects.

  4. Cutoff Wheel:
    For metal cutting, this is the perfect tool. It'll get the job done much faster.
  5. Paint Sprayer:
    aint sprayers will not only make the painting process much quicker, the end result will be much more attractive as well. The low-pressure coating will ensure a smooth, even coating across the vehicle.
  6. Die Grinder:
    When it comes to grinding down metal, clearing off paint, or even smoothing out rust, this tool can do the job.
  7. Blow Off:
    Think of how much time you spend clearing debris from your work pace. With a blow off tool, you can reach even the tightest spaces easily. It also completely eliminates the need to sweep.
  8. Impact Wrench:
    An impact wrench can deliver a huge amount of torque needed to tighten stubborn sockets.

With whatever sort of compressed air fittings you decide to invest in, make sure your compressed air distribution system is placed in a convenient location, yet out of the way of most activity. Up to 90% of the energy created by an air compressor is converted to heat, which makes working around this equipment potentially dangerous.

Don't use any of these tools until you've read up on how to use them properly.