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Wood PolishingAround 70% of all manufacturers have a compressed air distribution system somewhere in their product flow. In many cases, compressors are essential; like in auto shops and mass production of food. In some cases, compressors simply make doing a lot of jobs easier. A compressed air system for wood working is one of those cases. While woodworkers don’t necessarily need a compressed air system for wood working, their quality of work and well-being can drastically improve when they invest in one.

Breathing easier.

How much do you struggle to clean up your shop? Wood shavings get everywhere obviously, but so do particles of whatever glues, sealants, paints, and varnishes you use day-to-day. Wood workers who install an air compressor in their shop have experienced better air quality and easier clean-up. It helps blow dust and residue off your current projects as well. Careful, you’ll want to drain excess water from the bottom of the tank often if you do this. Otherwise, moisture can accidentally be blown onto your work.

Mastering the art of storage.

The best way to install compressed air in your workshop is to invest in a thoughtfully placed piping system. Keeping extra piping off the ground is a safety point and an aesthetic point. Many wood workers prefer their system to be accessible directly overhead their main workbench to make access easy. While you’re arranging your piping, take the opportunity to thoroughly organize your shop’s shelving and storage.

You can use convenient, effective pneumatic tools.

Need a powerful nail gun? An evener coat of paint? A sophisticated compressed air system for woodworking gives you access to a bunch of compatible tools that will make your life easier and your work neater. Especially helpful if you’re an impatient or perfectionist type.

Controlled pressure and air flow.

A good compressed air system gives you the option to install a reliable regulator. With a regulator, you have measured, careful control over air pressure being released. This isn’t always possible with simple, portable systems that a lot of amateur garage wood workers use at first.

Basically, if you’re looking at compressed air systems for wood working and debating on investing in one, you might want to spring for it. A serious wood worker or enthusiast won’t be disappointed with the results.

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