Compressed air distribution systems are used in many different industries. More commonly, they’re used in the auto world and in construction-based fields. But did you know that they’re also really popular in the food and beverage industry?

There are so many uses for compressed air distribution systems in the food and beverage industry, so let’s take a look at a few things the units can do.

Clears Machinery of Excess Food Waste

In a food setting, particularly a bakery setting, the compressed air is used to blow away any debris from equipment. For example, the air blows bread and bread crumbs off of the factory line. It ensures that the machines will be fully clean for next use and prevents cross-contamination.

Cleans Any Packaging

A lot of food and beverage services will use packaging and containers to distribute their product. To make sure the packaging is fully cleaned before use, many companies will choose to use compressed air. The U.S. fruit and vegetable industry freezes and dehydrates vegetables and fruits, so it’s very important to guarantee that each container and packaging has been fully cleaned. As a consumer, would you feel good about buying frozen strawberries out of a container that hadn’t been cleaned prior to packing? Probably not.

Cuts Back on Waste and Costs

Any business owner will know that it’s important to try and save some money here and there. With the use of compressed air distribution systems, any business within the food and beverage industry can do so. Compressed air can surprisingly be used to shape, cut, and sort food items. In a bakery, if the baker is creating a pastry that requires a filling, they can use the compressed air piping to make sure the fill is even every single time. With the ability to make everything precise, waste is significantly cut back. Because waste can be reduced, associated costs can be reduced as well. Be sure, however, that you’re keeping up with air compressor maintenance. Compressed-air system leaks can be costly. A one-eighth inch diameter hole in a 100 psi system can cost you more than $1,200 each year in wasted energy, so it is worth maintenance time to fix all sizeable leaks.

Air compressors are handy tools in the automotive and machining industry. But they can also be extremely helpful in the food and beverage industry. Take a look above at a few of the ways air compressors can be used with food and drink.

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