Drilling in WoodYour wood working facility is a place with moving parts, each of which uses a considerable amount of electricity. You may not be able to cut energy costs with many of the elements in your facility, but you can with your compressed air systems for wood working. Let’s take a look at the ways you can increase energy efficiency with this common piece of equipment.

Use the right tools in the right way

One of the simpler ways to improve your facility’s efficiency is to ensure everyone is using the air tools and accessories properly. You can implement this practice right at the beginning of an operator’s career by giving them proper training on efficient tool operation. This step also starts with using the right tool for the job you’re completing and buying those tools if you don’t already have them.

You also need to ensure that you properly maintain the tools. Clean the tools according to a regular schedule and have dedicated storage at the end-use equipment so that all of your compressed air systems for wood working aren’t at risk of pressure loss.

Detect and repair leaks early

About 70% of manufacturers across all industries have a compressed air system. However, in the facilities that don’t perform regular leak detection and repairs up to 30% of the produced air has been attributed to leaking systems. This translates to a lot of wasted energy.

A comprehensive leak management system has a few key components. The first is a trained operator using an ultrasonic acoustic detector to accurately identify any leaks. This detection should take place both during regular production hours and during the off-hours. When you detect a leak, you should tag its location, track its leakage, alert all employees, and repair it as soon as possible.

Upgrade your equipment

While you may balk at the idea of spending money on brand new compressed air systems for wood working in the effort to save money, it actually makes sense. Outdated air compressor pipes and tubes don’t give you the energy saving benefits that many new systems do. A new system will be an investment for your facility, but it will save you a significant amount on energy costs in the long run.

There’s no better time to revamp the practices of your wood working facility in an effort to reduce energy costs. Contact Rapid Air Products today to find the solution that’s right for your facility.

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