compressed air distribution systemA compressed air distribution system is an important part of many workshops and manufacturing facilities, with people using compressed air systems for woodworking, auto repair, and many other industries. With compressed air distribution systems being such a prominent part of many businesses, it’s important to make sure it’s being used as efficiently as possible. Here are a few tips to make sure your air compressor systems are being used properly so you can avoid high energy bills and inefficient systems.

  • Fix your leaks: While a leak in air compressor tubing might not seem like a big deal, especially if a leak is tiny. However, even a small leak can result in your system wasting huge amounts of electrical energy. This energy could be used more effectively if you go through your system and repair any leaks in tubing you might find.
  • Watch heat loss: Most compressed air systems, even if they are efficient and well-designed, will generate some sort of heat through normal operation. A properly designed heat recovery unit can recover 50 to 90% of this heat for heating air or water; however, if you’re not using this, all the electrical energy that’s being converted to heat is being wasted. Make sure you design your compressed air distribution system to account for this heat loss.
  • Replace worn out parts: No system is built to last forever, especially compressed air systems where the environment can take its toll. Manufacturing isn’t an easy industry on machinery, and any equipment that is getting used extensively in this setting is likely to wear down and need repair over time. If it’s been a while since you’ve replaced worn out compressed air fittings or piping, you’ll want to fix it to improve your system’s overall efficiency.

Need to make adjustments to your compressed air distribution systems to improve your workplace’s overall energy efficiency? Rapid Air Products can help you with your compressed air systems for auto body repair, woodworking, manufacturing and more to make sure you’re getting the most out of your company’s energy spending. Contact Rapid Air Products today for more information.

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