Compressed Air Piping Systems

RapidAir Compressed Air SystemRapidAir Compressed Air System


RapidAir Tubing Compressed Air Systems
  • Blue-Nylon material, single layer
  • 1/2” size (outside diameter)
  • 100 foot rolls available
  • Operating working pressure 150 psi @70°F
  • Temperature range -40°F to 180°F
  • Compatible with common compressor oils
  • For outside installation, cover or paint the tubing and fittings to protect from direct sunlight (UV rays)
RapidAir Raduis
  • 1/2 RapidAir
    • Bend Radius: 4-6"
    • Outside Diameter: .50"
    • Inside Diameter: .38"


RapidAir Tubing Compressed Air Systems
  • Push to Connect style
  • Nickel plated brass and Nylon
  • Oring seal, Buna N
  • Stainless steel bite ring
  • No expensive install tools required


Easy Compressed Air Systems

Rapidair fittings are designed to make installation fast and easy.
Simply push the tubing firmly into the fitting until seated.
If removal is desired, push in evenly on release button and pull tubing out of fitting.

#90100 Outlet Kit Can be configured for In Wall, On Wall, Ceiling and Outdoor applications

#90100 Outlet kit uses aluminum block #90120

#90200 Compressor Manifold Kit Can be configured for In Wall or On Wall applications

#90200 Compressor Manifold uses aluminum block #90220

Compressor Hook up

  • For compressor maximum output pressure of 150 psi, use Rapidair tubing
  • For compressor maximum output greater than 150 psi, use jumper hose
  • Filter Regulator shown is 3/8 NPT Ports, our K93215
  • The air from the the air compressor must enter the port labeled IN on the filter/regulator

Wall Mounting Clips

Use the Rapidair clips with a screw for wall mounting, spacing every 16 inches

Assembling Pipe Thread Assemble all NPT threads with two wraps of teflon tape and then PIPE SEALANT which prevents thread galling.

1/2" Rapidair Master Kit

rapidair master kit
  • 90500 100 feet $139.99
  • 100 ft. Rapidair Tubing and cutter
  • (2) 90120 Aluminum Outlet Block
  • (1) 90220 Aluminum Manifold Block
  • (6) 50100 3/8 NPT Straight
  • (4) 50300 Union Elbow
  • (2) 50120 Hand Valve
  • (2) 50125 1/4 NPT Brass nipple
  • (2) 50130 1/4 NPT Brass 45 degree
  • (3) 50135 3/8 NPT Brass Plug

*Quick couplers and regulator not included

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rapidair master kit
rapidair master kit
RapidAir Compressed Air Systems

Knockoff (noun): a cheap or inferior copy of something

Lowes-Kobalt, Harbor Freight and Airtight(GripClip) have created similar copies of our product.
Because our concept was copied by multiple companies that just means it’s a great idea. We could certainly explain the differences in quality, but we have chosen to let users of the product do just that.

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We take pride in the fact that we were the original creators of the Garage Air Line Kit. To us, compressed air piping is not just a box full of parts or a part number on your receipt, it’s much more than that, it’s our livelihood.
Contacting us gets you technical, knowledgeable staff, who can take you all the way thru the process of setting up your shop for compressed air. We don’t sell dog food and cheap widgets, we sell compressed air piping, and are experts at it.

So ALWAYS look for the RAPIDAIR brand!