Activated carbon filters are often referred to as vapor removal filters. Carbon is used because carbon has a large surface area and captures fine vapor phase contaminants.

A Series Activated Carbon Filters are rated for .01 Micron Particle Removal Efficiency and .003 PPM Oil Removal Efficiency.

A series filters remove fine mist / odor.

A Series Filter Elements feature an Outside to Inside flow pattern, wrapped / depth carbon embedded micro-glass media layers around a strong helix inner tube and easy to remove access handles.

Element changes are recommended at 10 PSI Pressure drop or at least once per year. Keeping spare elements on hand is always advised.

NOTE: Activated Carbon filters must be installed after a X and/or a Y series filter.

A (Activated Carbon) FILTER UNIT

Part #: N/A

$257.48 – $2330.86


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